Budapest Hostels

2night Hostel
The 2Night hostel in Budapest is best described as being quite a cool hostel that has an absolutely perfect location in the heart of the city that then allows you to explore until your heart is content and know that you are not too far from your hostel. More Info

Toucan Hostel
The hostel itself has a total of 7 rooms available at any given time and apart from a single twin room the rest are dorms of various sizes. You will be able to choose from a dorm with four beds, six beds, or eight beds but do not think that the rooms with more beds will be too cramped as that is certainly not the case. More Info

Festival Backpackers Hostel
For facilities, the Festival Hostel does provide free Wi-Fi to all of its guests and this is available throughout the entire building. It also has a garden that you can enjoy if the weather allows and there is a 24 hour reception desk available should you have any questions to problems even in the middle of the night. More Info

Bella Hostel
The staff at the hostel certainly go out of their way to make sure that your stay there is as comfortable as possible and they do make sure that your children are also quite content with staying there. You may not have access to a 24 hour reception, but the staff are around to deal with any problems that you may have and they are quite attentive. More Info

Activity Hostel
Overall, the Activity Hostel in Budapest is clean, bright, and laid back in its rather artsy approach to life as a hostel. It is able to give you a comfortable bed to sleep in for the evening and with the staff being so friendly it does make for a better place to stay when visiting the city. More Info